Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Epitaph of a Bookworm

I wrote this poem the other day while writing my name in all the books I got from a library book sale.

To whoever gets my books
When I am passed away:
Treat them kindly, love them well;
Give them a place to stay.

Be nice to Frodo; put him somewhere
He can feel the sun.
Keep Long John Silver close nearby,
And do not mind his fun.

Captain Nemo was good to me;
Make sure to give him love.
Peter Pan needs your tender care,
And please mend Hamlet's glove.

The Psammead will gladly grant
A daily wish for you.
And if you serve some tea and toast,
Tumnus will come at two.

Don't forget to feed the dogs.
Let Lassie out at three.
Pongo and Missus take walks in the park,
And Lad has guard duty.

Winnie-the-Pooh and Toto, too,
Will help you as you go.
They'll teach you how to care for all 
My friends I've come to know.

The books that I bequeath to you
Have taken me far from home.
I have passed them on to you.
It is now your turn to roam.

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